On to St. Louis-St. Charles

We were not planning on being back in St. Louis but the Bonadio’s, our friends from church, called to let us know that the garage had a burst water pipe that had been spewing water for a while and the sheet rock on the ceiling had fallen. So, home we went to take care of the “water” issue. The insurance adjuster was called and came out before we got home and sent a check to cover the initial damage.

The highlight of our trip back to St. Louis was a stop in Sikston, MO at the famous Lambert’s Cafe, “home of the throwed rolls.” Don’t miss a chance for the feast they provide. You order an entree and two sides and then they provide the hot, freshly baked dinner rolls which are thrown thru the air to the requesting customer. In addition, there are sorghum, apple butter, fried okra, fried potatoes and onions, black eyed peas, macaroni and tomatoes all fresh from the kitchen and carried around to the tables by staff waiters. The Cafe was packed at 2:00 pm on Tuesday which is testimony to the quality and quantities of their meals !

It was almost spring in the Midwest and after several months of desert it was fun to see the trees, plowed fields and the green grass.

The Wolf Sanctuary

We decided that it would be nice to visit the Wolf Sanctuary near Pacific, MO about 20 miles south of St. Charles. It was interesting to see the varieties of wolves they had and other “canines” on display. The enclosures were double fenced and picture taking was difficult. The “painted dog” puppies (yes, this is real name of these critters….) as shown in the lower right hand picture, were beautiful.

Our RV was put in the shop because we had an electrical problem that we couldn’t solve ourselves (that vertical learning curve rears it’s ugly head again.)

A tribute to Keyta

The water damage was not the only problem we had at home. Roger’s beloved Husky, Keyta attacked Shy and sent her to the hospital for stitches and antibiotics. Roger contacted Animal Control to surrender Keyta for numerous bites of persons and other dogs. Keyta was not well socialized with his previous owner. His behavior was unpredictable toward other people and animals. Above all, Keyta loved Roger; he was such a pretty boy.

He will be missed and will undoubtedly be replaced by a non-biter!!!

So we stayed in St. Louis for about a month or so, to catch up with things that needed to be accomplished, including a flying trip to Texas to attend Shy’s granddaughters wedding.

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