Hot Springs, Arkansas

After an endless array of winding roads we made it to our destination on Lake Hamilton. I found out later that my phone was set to “avoid” interstates. As I backed the pick-up off the tow dolly and took off to bring the truck in front of the RV, I heard the sickening
“thump-thump” of a flat tire. Within minutes, other RVers and the management came to help Roger figure out where our spare tire was, how to extract it from under the truck, use a hydraulic tire wrench so we didn’t have to struggle more and the management brought an old fashioned commercial hydraulic jack. With lots of fellowship and friendship we survived another “disaster. Live and learn

Since Shy lived in Hot Spring with her family for several year, we embarked on finding familiar landmarks. Below is the 3rd house the Moseley’s lived in. It is now a law office but when she lived there it was white stucco with dark brown trim. This is the house where John burned his feet at age 2 on the “floor furnace;” Willard put a hasp and lock on his room to keep Harman out; Gus, a German Shepherd Mix, came to live with us; Harman had to walk to school (a whole block); Shy aka “Bamby” went to Hot Springs High School; Mom and Dad and Bamby worked at the radio station owned by the family.

The small brick was the 2nd house we lived in. It was across the street from Jones School (lower left )where Harman went to elementary school. And last but not least Hot Springs High where both Bamby and Willard went to high school. We drove around on several occasions to try to find Sleepy Hollow which was the 1st house we lived in in Hot Springs but to no avail.

Since Hot Springs National Park is now a part of downtown, landmarks are few and far between. The old Army Navy Hospital (two pictures at the bottom left) remains prominent. The diner George Leopolis’ dad owned is gone.

The Bath Houses (1st 4 pictures, r.)remain and look spiffier than ever, Oaklawn Race track(middle 2 pictures taken from the car) has expanded and is super busy on race day’s blocking traffic in both directions. Bamby and her girlfriend Carol Ann or George Leopolis attended the race track often because the radio station had a feed from there. She was 14 and trying so hard to look grown-up. Lastly, the Arlington Hotel (lower r.) remains a staple of the downtown environment.

There is much that is new and interesting. The city is now famous for its “shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade … it’s one city block long … but as an additional “draw”, the parade sponsors often bring in “outside” celebrities such as the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Banners were up and crowd control barriers were in place for this event.

We were pleased to find a Latter Day Saint Church and enjoyed participating in the Sunday service. We were also happy to see these beautiful horses on ramp of the highway.

Our campsite was on Lake Hamilton and we enjoyed exploring the countryside and the lake itself. We tried to take a selfie since Roger’s camera wouldn’t work any other way that day. It was a peaceful and friendly place.

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