Picacho State Park, Arizona

We were here when we went to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch and decided that it was so beautiful we wanted to spend a few days in this setting.

This mountain peak’s distinctive shape has been a landmark for travelers in these parts for hundreds of years. It is also the site of the Western-most battle of the Civil War … where Union troops defeated Confederate soldiers trying to establish a fort to disrupt supplies going through this valley to the Union forces to the East and West.

With all this beauty around us we all enjoyed ourselves. The State has a Park at this location with both tent camping and RV accommodations, that were really nice, so we stayed two days.

We marveled at the size of the cacti and beauty of the desert … the Master of the House enjoying a few moments of relaxation in front front of the fireplace …. with his ever present guard dog …

Yes, we are in the “miserably hot and desolate” Southwest deserts … yes, it is desolate but it is the “middle” of the winter and, although the sun is shining it is still somewhat cool! Shy looks like she’d like to cuddle up to that cattus … which she says it’s no worse than me when I don’t shave!! Those holes in the cattus were made by a certain woodpecker type bird for drinking water stored inside the plant … luckily, we weren’t thirsty!!!

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