Las Vegas, Nevada

We left Quartzsite, late as usual, and got on the road to Parker which would then take us to Las Vegas. Roger and I were talking and admiring the scenery. After we had been driving for an hour we realized that we were on the wrong road. How could this be? We are intelligent people and experienced followers of maps. After the hour drive and 55 miles later, we were back to the fruit inspection station, and it became clear how it had happened. . . the California border. The Department of Agriculture wants to make sure you have no fruit to bring into the state to contaminate their crops. We were inspected and declared that we our handful of table grapes posed no imminent threat, and they did not confiscate them and incarcerate us. Directly to the right of the Inspection Stop was the highway we were looking for and we had gotten so flustered with the road, and DOA stop that we failed to notice that our highway turned abruptly to the right, and we continued straight instead of turning.

On the right road at last we headed toward Vegas but we were weary and it was late so we turned off at a rest area in Nevada and went to bed. No electricity, water, sewer, which meant no slides out. We were able to sleep well because we were so tired. In the morning we awoke to find ourselves in a beautiful setting of mountains and desert.

While it was cold, it was beautiful. The road itself was very good and I asked Roger if I could drive. [Giving up control is not one of his strengths.] I started driving and was doing fairly well until the road and scenery changed and I was on some awful, narrow, two lane, shoulder-less road with rumble strips on both sides and in the middle. Roger cringed every time I hit one of the rumble strips and “jerked” the steering wheel to get off. I continued driving as Roger got more and more nervous. I finally stopped and if he was going to divorce me it would have been then. He has had much more experience than I with winding mountain roads, and was somewhat justified in his “anxiety” as was I. As it was easier to change drivers, than taking him to the hospital with a heart attack, I LET him drive!!

Keyta’s look says it all

We finally arrived in Las Vegas with no further mishaps and located the RV park in which we had reservations … a KOA (Kampgrounds Of America) owned and operated by the Sam’s Town casino. This was pretty neat setup … a hotel (which of course we didn’t need), a casino (where we promptly lost $17.00), multiple movie theaters (with $5.00 tickets … we went to the movies every night we were there!) and a variety of nice restaurants for our frequent dining out. Below is the light and water show we watched in the Atrium of the Hotel. The steak was $35 dollars and well worth it.

We had WalMart right across the street and visited it frequently. We also made a trip to Hoover Dam and loved the view, water, the workings of the dam, we even found a lovely RV park on Lake Mead.

After a week of R & R (a military term meaning Rest and Recreation), we again began our journey. We decided that there was too much winter weather (as in … ice and snow) in Kanab, Utah, and the roads leading South were very inviting ! We reasoned that Kanab could wait until the snow had melted, and headed South to Phoenix, AZ… and so thus ends another “chapter in our “wanderings”

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