“New-bee” (short for new beginnings!!)

Being a “newbee” (aka newbie) is exhilarating, exciting and also frightening and frustrating. It took us more than two weeks to get ready to go; not including the months before when we were “getting ready.” We picked a day and on that day we did our final packing and got the tow dolly ready with the truck on it and what do you know, we were missing a driver’s side rachet (which is a gadget that tightens the straps around the truck tires that keeps the truck attached to the tow dolly). That took another day to get, install and tie the truck tires to the tow dolly. So we finally started on January 15.

We dutifully made reservations for our days getting to the Quartzsite RV Show and staying in Quartzsite, AZ. The only reseverations that we kept were for our days in Quartzsite. We left Elk Grove at 2:00 PM on Jan. 15. It was rush hour and we needed to get out of the traffic and off the road so we stayed at a truck stop the first night, after one of the straps holding the truck tire to the tow dolly came off and was dragging for several miles. Roger fixed that, after a fashion, and we continued on, only eight hours behind schedule. The next night we were trying to get to a Sequoia resort when a trucker let us know something was wrong. Oh yes, the other tire strap was dragging and was nearly shredded. It was about 8 at night and we were near an off ramp of a highway. After getting the strap back in place we went to a rest stop and slept.

We came to an RV/mobile home park outside of Kings Canyon and decided that this was a good place to stay. The owners were gracious and helped us hook up our water and electricity in the pouring rain and we were all pretty happy to have a place to stay for the night. We couldn’t get the hot water to work and the water in the faucets and the toilet was red in color … caused by the anti-freeze which we had paid $150 to have the “bus” winterized for the frigid weather anticipated when we got to Kanab, Utah. The next day we explored King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Forest and all (including the three dogs) loved the diversion and beauty of this natural setting.

Our Campsite
Kings Canyon – Oh yes, there was snow. Roger always says rain below and snow above.

We learned that the pin in the tow dolly was supposed to be removed when the vehicle is loaded on it. Roger crawled under the tow dolly and the truck and removed the pin. Problem solved.

Sequoia National forest is beautiful

Roger and I drove to the place where we had cancelled reservations and found that there was no way we could have taken the RV on the road that led to that site. We ended up staying at the other site for 2 days and took off for Bakersfield, CA. We visited with Shirley’s sister Sheryl and enjoyed her company if only for a short time, and it was also late Saturday, Jan 19. We stayed in another truck stop for the night and made it to Quartzsite on Sunday, Jan 20.

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